is dutch forpleasantyummyfeelgoodluscioussupersmoothgreatcoolappealing

which one do you think is the lekkerst?

The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Peppermint & Rosemary

peppermint & rosemary

A minty-fresh and cool fragrance like no other. The top pick for hairy armpits.

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The Lekker Compant Natural Deodorant Mandarin & Lemon

mandarin & lemon

Meet our latest hit! A zesty explosion of awakening citrus.

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The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Lavender


Transport your senses to the French country side. A soothing option for your skin.

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The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Neutral


If you want your armpits to smell like nothing at all or if they are sensitive to essential oils.

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this is why you and your armpits will love our deodorant

we pinky swear you'll smell great

The baking soda used in our deodorant is the reason you stay smelling so fresh! It helps target and kill odour causing bacteria without clogging your pores. Yes, you might still sweat occasionally (which is totally natural, baby), but you'll never go smelly again.

animals don't belong on armpits

We quite like animals and don't think they belong amongst bathroom essentials. That's why we don't use animal-based ingredients and why we would never test our products on them either. All our products are 100% vegan, as you would expect from any natural deodorant.

sustainable packaging

Our deodorant does not contain any water making it a super concentrated formula. For this reason, you only need a small amount to keep your armpits smelling fresh the entire day. Our packaging is entirely made from carton, 100% plastic-free and completely recyclable. The only more sustainable option would be to not use deodorant at all.


We think it's important that you can read and understand the ingredients found in your deodorant. On The Lekker Company's packaging, we indicate all the ingredients used in our deodorant in everyday spoken terms. This way you know exactly what it is you are putting on your skin. After all, we have nothing to hide.

our deodorant is fantastic, see?

Smells lovely and fresh, and I also stay fresh for a long time. Works well. Love that there is no plastic in the packaging, just carton.


I was pleasently surprised applying this because of the nice smell and the fresh feeling. During the evening I was happy to notice it's also effective. WOW!!


I recommended this to several people, because most natural deodorants just don't work well enough. This one makes the cut! It's so easy you can get them at Albert Heijn :)


Great deodorant! Especially peppermint/rosemary gives you a nice kick start :-) Also, they have great service. Would recommend!


This is seriously the best deodorant I have ever used, also compared to the ‘chemical’ deodorants that I used first. A very nice discovery! Even on the hottest days I smell fresh.


I always used a roller-deodorant, but this is much nicer. I spread it directly from the pot, I only need a little bit. I smell fresh all day! I really didn't expect it, but I trust it completely now!


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