is dutch forpleasantyummyfeelgoodluscioussupersmoothgreatcoolappealing

naturally, we've got you covered

sunscreen spf 30

A hydrating formula that provides your skin with UVA & UVB protection. A kind and simple addition to your daily skincare routine.

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sensitive soft bamboo deodorant

A gentle option made without baking soda and fragranced with a sweet and woody aroma.

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The Lekker Compant Natural Deodorant Mandarin & Lemon

mandarin & lemon deodorant

An energizing and zesty explosion of sweet critrus to perk up your day.

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The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Peppermint & Rosemary

peppermint & rosemary deodorant

An herby and cool fragrance that will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

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The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Lavender

lavender deodorant

Transport your senses to the French country side with this soothing lavender aroma.

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The Lekker Company - Natural Deodorant Neutral

neutral deodorant

An effective neautralizing option packed with hydrating organic shea butter & coconut oil.

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now that's lekker

natural and effective

lekker products are packed with 100% naturally sourced, quality ingredients that effectively work together to keep your skin feeling nourished and cared for.

sustainably developed

lekker products are developed with an eco-conscious mindset and are made from quality ingredients that are ecologically sourced when possible. Our concentrated formulas are water-free and the packaging itself is entirely plastic-free and fully recyclable.

vegan & animal friendly

We quite like animals and don't think they belong in or near our skincare. That's why all lekker products are proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

real, simple & true

We think it's important that everyone knows exactly what they apply to their skin. That's why we list all the ingredients found in lekker products in simple, everyday English.

I was pleasently surprised applying this because of the nice smell and the fresh feeling. During the evening I was happy to notice it's also effective. WOW!!


I recommended this to several people, because most natural deodorants just don't work well enough. This one makes the cut! It's so easy you can get them at Albert Heijn :)


Smells lovely and fresh, and I also stay fresh for a long time. Works well. Love that there is no plastic in the packaging, just carton.


Great deodorant! Especially peppermint/rosemary gives you a nice kick start :-) Also, they have great service. Would recommend!


This is seriously the best deodorant I have ever used, also compared to the ‘chemical’ deodorants that I used first. A very nice discovery! Even on the hottest days I smell fresh.


I always used a roller-deodorant, but this is much nicer. I spread it directly from the pot, I only need a little bit. I smell fresh all day! I really didn't expect it, but I trust it completely now!

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